original submission date July 22, 2020*

To Mayor London Breed and Board of Supervisors:  

This letter serves as an appeal to your office that the City and County of San Francisco, consider creating and designating the Hayes Valley Neighborhood/and all San Francisco Neighborhoods a Tent Free Zone. The undersigned hereto, wish to implement such a plan out of grave concern of the adverse impacts of the homelessness issue and the results of the spontaneous encroachment of our public spaces and streets with sprawling tents and encampments. These encampments have adversely impacted the overall quality of life, health, safety and general welfare of all residents and businesses of Hayes Valley/all San Francisco Neighborhoods. We ask that you hear the many voices of Hayes Valley.

Undeniably the homelessness issue as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a greater light cast onto it. The present day conditions that accompany sharing our streets with those that are unsheltered has developed into something seriously insurmountable. The magnitude and scope of its affects on this neighborhood is something that needs to be cured. We are relying on your help. Unfortunately the current system that is in place is failing to serve our community needs. Many of us do not feel safe leaving our homes or walking to and from on our own streets.  Our quality of life is diminishing while our neighborhood streets are filled with human waste and filth. Residents and businesses alike are experiencing an uptick in theft and vandalism. The appeal of living and conducting business in our neighborhood is on the decline. Hayes Valley’s/all San Francisco Neighborhood”s unsafe and unsanitary conditions are at the forefront of our demand.

It is because of these conditions we hereby demand that Hayes Valley/all San Francisco. be a tent free zone and have existing encampments be permanently removed.  In order to maintain this goal we want to work with your office to cement a sound plan to prevent a re-population of encampments. In order to assure accountability that Hayes Valley/all San Francisco. remains a tent free zone we also request that an advisory committee be formed, consisting of residents and business owners, to work in conjunction with the city’s efforts.

As a cultural hub, we look forward to a collaborative partnership with your office to achieve our goal of a better working neighborhood with a designation of a Tent Free Zone. 

Co-signed By The Following Businesses and Residents:


  • David Alexander, Papito Hayes
  • Ramiz Yousef, Nabila’s
  • David Bass, Sugar Lounge
  • Angelo Sannino, Doppio Zero
  • Fabricio Wiest, Suppenküche
  • Ed Reckers, Red Bridge
  • Evan Rich, Rich Table
  • Cagri Aslaner, Paolo Shoes
  • Michael Rivera, Oak and Fort
  • Sergio Frigerio, Il Borgo
  • Aria Critchfield, Cotton Sheep
  • Beau Timken, True Sake
  • Nicholas Cresta,The Epicurean Trader
  • Rachel Reed, Azalea
  • Jimmy Shen, Otoro Sushi
  • Shirley Ng, SF Wine and Cheese
  • Alessandro T Paguvca, Italian Homemade Co
  • Charlie Katout, Nick’s Market
  • Solomon Tesfui, Planet Cafe
  • Rajinder Singh, Victoria Liquors & Grocery
  • Wayne Huang, Namaka Sushi
  • Steve Kovacs, Zala Management
  • Liza Anongchanya, Azil Boutique
  • Mitchell Durkee, F. Dorian
  • Many Bissinger, Marker & Moss
  • Jeroen Bik, Kline Epstein & Parker
  • Gabriel Bentura, Little Gem
  • Said Mannan, Grove Street Market
  • Jake Lahr, Calikites
  • Jennifer Cosguen, La Boulangerie SF
  • Kathryn Sandreto, Acoté
  • Marc Sempere and Jocelyn Bulow, Chez Maman
  • Hyes Woo, Ebb & Flow
  • Cris and Ben Ospital, MAC Modern Appealing Clothing
  • Adam Tortosa, Robin
  • Eric Tse, See Saw Seen
  • Natalie Wu, Gough Express Cleaners
  • Tae Tse, Dompart Auto


  • Stephen Albair
  • Richard Johnson, Founding Member Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association
  • Bob Barnwell, Hayes Valley Public Safety Chair
  • David Robinson
  • Ali Anderson
  • Mich R
  • Aimée E. Schulman
  • Nancy Pratt
  • Benjamin D. Black
  • Blake Yarber

CC info

  • President of the Board Norman Yee norman.yee@sfgov.org
  • D5 Supervisor Dean Preston dean.preston@sfgov.org
  • Legislative Aide Kyle Smealie kyle.smeallie@sfgov.org
  • Assistant District Attorney  andrew.clark@sfgov.org
  • Chief Bill Scott sfpdchief@sfgov.org
  • Captain Paul Yep of Northern  paul.yep@sfgov.org
  • Commander Teresa Ewins teresa.ewins@sfgov.org
  • Deputy Chief David Lazar david.lazar@sfgov.org
  • Director HSOC Jeff Kositsky jeff.kositsky@sfgov.org
  • Director of SF Public Works Alan Degrafinried alaric.degrafinried@sfdpw.org

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Petition updated to include reference to all San Francisco Neighborhoods.*